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Carla Ghisalberti
City Clerk

The City Clerk is the general accountant of the City and the keeper of all public account books, accounts, vouchers, documents, bonds and coupons paid or redeemed, and all papers relating to accounts and contracts of the City, and its revenue, debt and fiscal affairs. She keeps records of any accounts between the City and all officers charged with the collection, custody or disbursement of public money, and enters all receipts and payments, from what sources derived and on what account paid. She keeps a complete record of all branches of the City revenue, a register of all warrants drawn upon the City Treasurer, and a record of all bonds and obligations of the City.

Peggy Ruehter
City Collector

The City Collector maintains records of real estate tax, personal property tax, merchant’s tax, cigarette tax, occupation license, intangible tax, excess fees, railroad and utilities tax, ad valorem tax, franchise tax, sewer, water and trash use charge, utility use or service charges, ambulance billings and collections and any other accounts which may be specifically allowed by ordinance. She has primary responsibility to serve customers at cashier window. She verifies collections, receives, prepares and makes a daily deposit and maintains a record of deposits.

Janelle Braden Treasurer

The City Treasurer reports include the balance remaining to the credit of each fund and the general balance in the Treasury as of said reporting date, the amount outstanding on all loans and leases, the balance of the certificate of deposits, the outstanding balance on all bond issues. She also prepares necessary quarterly tax reports for the Federal authorities, signs all payroll checks and signs checks drawn on all other funds of the Treasury and prepares a semi-annual report as required by state law.

Debbie Bagley
Utility Clerk

Assists the City Collector in her duties as needed.


Building Official

The Building Official is responsible for building permit plan review and issuance. This includes making all required inspections of construction work during the entire process to verify compliance with adopted building codes and city ordinances. In addition, the Building Official is responsible for Code Enforcement throughout the city to ensure properties within city limits are in compliance with adopted zoning and property maintenance standards, including standards for those properties located within designated Historic Districts. Additionally, detailed records of building permits, inspections and code enforcement cases are kept.