City Council Visits Startup Village in KC

City officials and City Council members say they got a glimpse into the future of the business world when they visited a Startup Village for entrepreneurs in Kansas City, Kan. on Dec. 17. The village is a collection of entrepreneurial ventures operating out of homes and other buildings, attracted to the country?s first installation of Google Fiber Internet speed that eclipsed previously available access. The village has been described as a type of ?incubator,? as the close proximity allows the businesses to combine resources and expertise.

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Mayor Leads Feasibility Determination for New Hotel 

The City of Lexington has engaged both the Lexington Area Chamber of Commerce and Newmark Grubb and Zimmer to produce a feasibility study for a new hotel in Lexington. The initiative will cost up to $6,000, with a request to the Chamber to donate $2,000. Additional funding will come from two private investors and two local organizations. Once funding is secured, the Zimmer group will complete the study in less than three months.

Among several things, the feasibility study will determine which hotel chain is the best fit for the area and where the hotel will be located. Once the study is concluded and the need and size of the motel is confirmed, investors will be secured by the development company and the design and construction process will begin.

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